Environmental and Occupational Health

The quality of the environment has an impact on our lives and shapes our health in various ways. Our environment has, over the years, become less and less safe. The air is polluted by poisonous gasses omitted by cars, factories and more. The waters are polluted by chemicals and from the over use of pest control in agriculture and more. Our food is sprayed, sterile and full of hormones and chemicals. Even inside our homes we are not safe. We breathe poison from detergents, from the paint on the walls or the infected water and food. These substances affect our health and we need to be aware of their danger.

Even our work place, were we spend a large portion of our day, does not always take enough care of our health and safety. This chapter reviews the various hazards and how we can combat them. For instance, the workers in factories are exposed to poisonous gasses; a growing number of women are working in commerce and are standing for long hours, without rest or available chairs; continuous work in front of the computer can distress joints and sight.

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