What Makes WTB Unique



  • WTB’s holistic approach provides a unique and comprehensive solution in response to women’s lack of access to information and resources regarding their health and wellbeing
  • WTB is unique in that the information it provides is accessible to all women in Israel:
    • Through publications, online information center, workshops and events
    • By developing all materials and offering all services in both Hebrew and Arabic
  • WTB’s innovative views on health education:
    • WTB combines health information and knowledge from a variety of fields, including grassroots community based research as well as expert commentary and research from leading medical professionals across Israel.
    • WTB raises women’s awareness of their bodies, health and sexuality and empowers women to advocate for their own health and that of their family.
    • WTB is motivated by a basic belief in women: We trust in ourselves, our knowledge and experiences as a source of authority.
  • WTB’s unique publications and materials:
    • Are written by women, for women
    • Are accessible to all readers, regardless of educational or professional background or socio-economic status. The language and style are clear yet not simplistic.
    • Promote an all inclusive attitude towards health, focusing on women’s strengths and quality of life instead of sickness and pathology. Each chapter celebrates normal and healthy processes of women’s lives, such as: menstruation, adolescence, pregnancy, birth, menopause, growing older and more.
  • The comprehensive materials include:
    • Medical information, terms and explanations
    • Personal narratives collected from women across Israel
    • Conventional and holistic medical perspectives
    • Political, economic, ethical and cultural discussions of each chapter topic
    • Current issues relating to women’s health in Israel
    • The effects of physical disabilities, sex, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status and more
  • “Women and Their Bodies” – A Unique Organization
    • WTB addresses silenced and controversial topics which, despite their relevance to all women, are not addressed. Women in Israel of 2009 still lack access to information about their bodies and health management.
    • WTB’s activities and programs are leading change throughout all strata of Israel’s population, while especially enabling access for women from disadvantaged socio-economic groups, disabled women, young women, older women and more.
    • WTB has developed exceptional collaboration between Jewish and Arab women in Israel, from a rich variety of professional backgrounds.  We take our cooperation seriously and address the many political-cultural issues with sensitivity and ongoing communication.
    • WTB’s activities forge bonds between field and community work, social organizations, academia and medical institutions. These relationships allow for an open flow of information.
    • WTB believes in and implements feminist methodologies – from the practical to theory and back again.

WTB is a non-profit organization based almost entirely on committed volunteers. Today over 300 volunteers are actively involved in WTB as interviewers, writers, editors, event organizers, group facilitators, etc. We invite women from all backgrounds to join, sound their voice of experience and be part of creating change in the field of women’s health and women’s rights in Israel.

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