about the workshops

“Women’s Health” is a very broad topic, covering an entire scope of issues related to the complex, rich and unique world of women. The workshops enable the gathering and discourse of women from a variety of cultures, social strata and ages, on the subjects of health, sexuality and all things related. The workshops allow for a free and open discussion in a safe and protected environment where “one is allowed to say everything about everything”. The meetings expose women to important topics that are not usually discussed, with the intention of creating a significant change in women’s health and body perception, contributing to their empowerment, raising their awareness of their rights and improving their ability to use health services wisely.

“Women and Their Bodies” Workshops are available to all women throughout Israel in Hebrew or Arabic


Workshops are been commissioned by:

  • Workplaces
  • Community Centers and various organizations
  • Non-Profit Associations
  • Women’s’ Circles
  • Private Women’s Groups

A sample of the organizations we work with:

~Hadassah Optimal ~ Ministry of Health ~ Shatil Beer-Sheba ~ Wizo ~ The Program in Gender Studies,  Bar-Ilan University ~ The Leifer Center ~ Hebrew University ~ The Jaffa Jewish-Arab Center ~ The Community Home for Women, Jerusalem ~ The project of Warm Homes for Girls and Women in the North of Israel ~ Sagol Festival ~ Kfar Kara Communal Home Non-Profit Organization ~ Arus-El-Bahar, Jaffa ~ and many more…

The workshops are offered in sequences (6-8 meetings) tailored according to the target audience the workshops were developed modularly, adjusted to the specific group of participants, the inviting organization and the topic of focus. They are delivered either in Hebrew or Arabic.