Oct 01

Body Image

Our constant preoccupation with our body and its image accompanies us from childhood in different contexts and to varying extents, depending on internal and external factors. The feminine body comes in an amazing array of shapes and sizes: we are tall, short, thin, fat, strong or fragile. Our eyes come in a range of shapes and colours, our skin in a large rainbow of hues and our hair in many shades and textures. All the same, we are all judged (by ourselves and by others) by irrational standards which create an ideal image of beauty, not achievable by most.

This chapter deals with how our body image affects our lives, how it shapes it and how we cope. Areas of Israeli culture also shape our body image, i.e. army service or local ethnic attitudes regarding the beauty ideal. The chapter ends with cosmetic surgeries that are available to women today and about choosing to change your external appearance in this way. This section includes a critical discussion of all angles, the chances and the risks, as well as information on surgical procedures and much more.
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