Goals and Activities

Women and Their Bodies works for women; their quality of life and their health, by promoting awareness to women’s health rights and by believing only women are an authority over their own bodies.

Women and Their Bodies approach is based on a definition set by WHO (World Health Organization) according to the WHO definition health is a combination of physical, emotional, social, status and financial aspects, that influence one’s mental and physical wellness, and their quality of life.

 Israeli women deserve better health care, they deserve to discover their sexuality and their bodies. We are leading a comprehensive, social change, in the matter of women’s and girl’s bodies, health and sexuality.

Our non-profit-organization creates a varied body of knowledge, designed to bring significant change in the way women perceive themselves, and will help and encourage them to use health services more wisely.


 This vision will achieved by doing the following :

1.    Promoting women’s health as part of a wider perception of the world. We are aware that health is influenced by a variety of aspects: social, financial, physical, sexual and emotional.

2.    Promoting the awareness of girls and women of their rights regarding their bodies, health and sexuality, in a way that will improve their ability to use healthcare services.

3.    Raising awareness among medical workers, women and girls, to the existence of an holistic  method, which includes cultural sensitivity to women’s health.

4.    Producing and distributing knowledge about women’s health issues by books, brochures and online, both in Hebrew and Arabic, and ensuring this information is understood and accessible as possible to each and every woman living in Israel.

5.    Creating a platform for girls and women from different social groups, ethnicity and status,  to think, create and talk about health and body issues.

 Our main activities

1.    Writing and publishing two books, in Hebrew and in Arabic, which explore a variety of subjects regarding women’s health issues. Those books were written with the purpose of being clear and accessible. They include information from conventional medicine alongside alternative medicine, interviews with different Israeli women, and emphasis on the connection between women’s health and politics, social and cultural issues, and general matters of health, body and sexuality.  This information creates a unique reading experience and encourages critical thinking. Our books are an adaptation of the famous American book “Our Bodies and Ourselves”, adjusted to suit the Israeli society.

2.    Online information center, exploring a large variety of women issues. Our website is in English, Arabic and Hebrew, and contains information, discussions and references to relevant organization and people. 

3.    Community work including classes, workshops and activities for women all across the country. The classes, the workshops and the lectures, are all about girls and women, and they are focused on empowering them. Classes are given all across Israel, in Hebrew and in Arabic, and the participants are girls and women from a variety of ethnicities, backgrounds and socio-economic situations. Among the subjects of these classes, you can find body image, main themes in Israeli women’s health, femininity and sexuality, going through midlife and menopause, the third and the fourth age, promoting awareness for our medical rights.

4.    Creating a lobby for women’s health issues and working alongside other women organizations to promote women’s rights and well being. Working toward a social change in the matters of women’s health, body and sexuality issues.