impressions and tesimonials

Quotes from participants in workshops: Impressions and Testimonials

“Each meeting was for me a celebration – enrichment, strengthening, and change of viewpoints….”

“You changed the way I look at things – since the meeting I am busy planning differently for my future and my health.”

“It is not easy for me these workshops, you (the leader) force me to face myself.”

“I am so happy to see you (the leader) again – I know that today good things would happen to me.”

“The truth… I am prepared to talk about everything, but I hide my body.”

“It is fascinating to see the valuable dialogue which has emerged within the group after the workshops.”

“Before your workshops I’ve never thought of my health as a complete entity, as an enormous place which contains so many aspects of my life….”

“Suddenly I feel that it’s ok to bring to a conversation with a doctor what I have to say.”

“In our society it is less acceptable to discuss topics related to the body and to sexuality, this is why the workshops were an important opportunity for me.”

“Speak about body image is important but not easy for me and it’s like a mirror reflecting my points of view and my expectations of myself.”

“In the Arab society we are embarrassed to speak to our daughters about anything related to their body and sexuality.”

“The workshops made us understand the importance of our Palestinian food ingredients and herbs such as: hyssop, olives and others.”

נורית דוד, ציור

Painting by Nurit David