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Global Translation/Adaptation Program
Cultural adaptations of the book Our Bodies, Ourselves have been made in over 30 countries around the world!!
From the time Our Bodies, Ourselves (OBOS) was first published in 1970, women from many different countries have been inspired to produce their own versions of the book. Their translation and adaptation program works with women’s groups around the world as they develop cultural adaptations of, or other publications or projects inspired by, Our Bodies, Ourselves.
Over the years OBOS have been involved in the development of 29 editions in diverse languages worldwide, all of which have made information on women’s health and rights available in communities where such information is scarce or altogether lacking. Most recently, women’s groups in Albania, Russia, South Korea, and Tibet have produced new publications in book and other formats.
A seven-volume Braille edition was produced from the 1973 edition; all except the 1970 edition have appeared in audio versions.
In the link below you can see a table that shows the various translations of Our Bodies, Ourselves:
In addition, in this link below you can see a table that shows projects in progress: translations or adaptations of Our Bodies, Ourselves